GIGABYTE B560 AORUS PRO AX is usually the first mainboard on our checklist using a B560 chipset. Very low sleek design and style with an electric structure and enough air conditioning system.

GIGABYTE B560 AORUS PRO AX comes with Primary 12+1 phases, 50A DrMOS, capacitors, chokes, 8 pin CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT power connectors, in addition to Copper PCB tiers to offer continuous strength supply to famished processors as well as other elements of the machine. To top that all, it likewise has addressable RED-GREEN-BLUE lights and BROUGHT.

It offers USB three or more. 2 Gen a couple of Type-C along together with 3. 2 Style 1 Type-C plugin that works on the speed of something like 20 Gbps to supply efficient performance. Right now there are also PCI-e 3. 0 x1 and PCIe three or more.

0 x4 slot machine games. Plus GIGABYTE B560 AORUS PRO AX is equipped together with Intel 2. Not a few GbE LAN in addition to Intel WIFI 6th 802. 11ax regarding a smooth relationship and gaming knowledge. The 2. 5GbE LAN provides 2 TIMES transfer speed which often benefits gaming lovers.

Moreover, GIGABYTE B560 AORUS PRO AX supports a superior thermal design of which contains MOSFET heatsinks, thermal pads, in addition to fans to pass the extra temperature produced by typically the rig.

It likewise contains advanced Intelligent Fan 6, 6th temperature sensors, in addition to Fan Stop to be able to provide gamers in addition to overclockers with intelligent cooling. This is one of the Best Motherboard For i5 11600K In 2023.

To supply the highest quality music in addition to immersive gaming knowledge it incorporates Realtek Audio Codec technological innovation. It is usually Hi-Res Music certified.

Also, GB B560 AORUS EXPERT AX is available on Amazon for $199. 99 which is pretty cheap. However, this motherboard is a lower-end option that is great for you if you are on a tight budget. But if you have money then I definitely recommend you to invest in some of the other motherboards on the list to get top-tier performance out of i5-11600K.

ASRock B560 Steel Legend

Asrock claims that AsRock B560 Steel Tale is tough as steel since it offers tough built and powerful components. That features Dr. QUICKLY, imported 60A strength chokes, and 12 phase design to provide superior power to all components of the machine. Along with this, AsRock B450 Stainless steel Legend has a 6th layer PCB for higher energy efficiency and the superior Base Frequency Enhance Technology to enhance the base regularity of your CPU.

It also has the latest Brilliant Access Memory that allows the COMPUTER to unleash the complete potential of the GPU memory and deliver improved performance for gamers and overclockers. Furthermore, AsRock B560 Steel Tale can accommodate various M. 2 safe-keeping devices and one PCIe 4. zero hard disk drive for fast data. It also comes with UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS 3. 2 Gen2x2 Type C plug-ins with the capacity to transfer 20 GB of data per second.

ASRock B560 Stainless steel Legend comes with Dragon 2. Not 5 Gb/s LAN and M. 2 Wifi connections to offer the best network performance. This is one of the Best Motherboard For i5 11600K In 2023.

In addition, this mainboard is equipped with an aluminum heatsink, multiple controllable enthusiasts, and water pumping systems. It also helps Polychrome RGB Synchronize technology that can sync RGB BROUGHT, light strips, and other devices.

In addition to the Nahimic Audio and Gold, audio track ports help this mainboard in providing an engaging gaming experience. Furthermore, AsRock B560 Metal Legend can be acquired for $210-224 very easily.

Nevertheless, will not offer on-ship Wi-Fi and it is the basic 10th generation which is good enough for i5-11600K but if you possess the budget you should invest in one of the latest motherboards, which will be talked about below, for better performance.


This really is another great motherboard for i5-11600K. ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-E VIDEO GAMING is a powerful motherboard with powerful specs, a Z490 chipset, cyberpunk appearance, and stainless metal look. It facilitates advanced AI improvement i. e. AJE Overclocking, AI social networking, and AI chilling that makes it simple for users to PC built. ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-E GAMING also incorporates RGB headers and AURA sync RGB lightning Technologies to sync RGB across devices.

Furthermore, this motherboard has an amazing heat design that can successfully manage the temperature of the rig even during the intensive video gaming session. It comes with a WITHOUT DIFFICULTY heatsink, Heatpipe, Meters. 2 heatsinks, VRM heatsink, MOS lover, and a lover bracket to keep the rig cool.

Besides this, ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-E GAMING offers next-generation connectivity with the aid of Intel® WiFi 6 AX201 and second . 5 Gb ASUS LANGuard. This is one of the Best Motherboard For i5 11600K In 2023.

Plus the 14+2 power stage design, premium alloy chokes, high-quality capacitors, and ProCool II energy connectors allow ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-E GAMING to deliver boosted and enhanced power to processors for maximum performance result.

This motherboard also has PCIe 3. 0x4 slot, UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS 3. 2 Gen 2 Type-C and Type-A port together with Display slot 1. 4 and HDMI one 4.

Also, it provides high-quality music with the aid of SupremeFX S1220A and Sonic Studio III. Most importantly, ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-E GAMING is available on Amazon for $450-$463 which may well not get into everyone’s budget. But overall, it is a great midrange price for i5-11600K.

MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon WiFi

The particular MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon Wi-fi is one of the better motherboards for i5-11600K since it is outfitted with premium specifications and the latest features to give your rig the edge it requires over others and permit it to execute in extreme conditions. Likewise, its design and aesthetic game is excellent as MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon Wireless comes with RED-GREEN-BLUE and RAINBOW BROUGHT strip along with MYSTIC LIGHT technology.

Now let’s mention performance. The intensive power style of MSI MPG Z590 Gambling Carbon WiFi includes 16+1+1 power period, 8-pin CPU fittings, 75A power period, digital VRM, Key boost, and Railroad power system. This specific is more than enough to strengthen i5-11600K and deliver superior performance. Moreover, this motherboard has 6-layers PCB made from 2oz thicker copper that plays a part in system stability and satisfaction.

Besides this, the MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon Wireless maintains the temp of the machine proficiently even during long gaming several hours by making use of heatpipe, chip-set heatsink enlarged heatsink, choke thermal protect, M. This is one of the Best Motherboard For i5 11600K In 2023.

That supports PCIe 4. 0, USB 3. 2 GEN 2x2, and M. 2 Gen 4x4 plug-ins for data and storage devices. Previous but not the very least, MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon Wireless is available for $340-$350 on Amazon online. However, some benchmarking tests have shown that MSI MILES PER GALLON Z590 Gaming Carbon dioxide WiFi is deficient slightly in overclocking aspect but it is a great match for i5-11600K especially in midrange price tag.


This is a high-performance motherboard capable of handling any 11th generation Intel processor like i5-11600K. ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E also features the latest AI controls i. e. AI overclocking and AI networking and AI cooling. Plus it rocks a futuristic design, cybertext marking, RGB LEDs, and Aura Sync RGB lighting technology which will give your rig a bold but aesthetic look.

In addition, ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E disperse extra heat produced by the rig with the help of an L-shaped heatpipe, M. 2 heatsinks, VRM, AIO pump header, water pump headers, and M. 2 backplate. It also guarantees studio-grade audio quality with the help of Sonic Studio III and a premium audio amplifier. The two-Way Noise cancelation also plays an important role in providing clean and HD audio that improves the gaming experience.

Furthermore, ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E comes with a 14+2 power design, alloy chokes, reliable capacitors, and ProCool II power connectors to deliver smooth and stable voltage to all areas of the PERSONAL COMPUTER rig.

In addition, this motherboard offers advanced connectivity options i. e. Intel® WiFi 6E AX210 and second. 5 Gbps with LANGuard. This is one of the Best Motherboard For i5 11600K In 2023.

ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E also offers Pci-e 4. 0 slot machines, M. 2 slot machines, Gen 2x2 UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS 3. 2 Type-C, DisplayPort one 4, HDMI port among many other stores. It even facilitates a 5-way Marketing feature to melody in the hauptplatine and it can be purchased from Amazon for $360-$370.

Nevertheless, some experts have complained that ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E has no hybrid fan fittings and some RED-GREEN-BLUE connectors are quite awkwardly put on it. Require are minor issues. ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E is a fantastic mid-price motherboard for i5-11600K.

ASUS ROG Strix B560-F Gaming WIFI

ASUS ROG Strix B560-F Gaming WI-FI is a video gaming motherboard designed to make the most away of graphic credit cards and storage devices to provide the ultimate gaming experience.

Along with the help of its impressive energy design and extensive cooling system, this motherboard is ready to undertake any challenge gamers, overclockers, or content makers would present to it. Also, ASUS ROG Strix B560-F Video gaming WIFI has a cyberpunk-inspired design, RED-GREEN-BLUE headers, and RGB-illuminated ROG logo to serve the serious edgy look.

This features 8+2 energy stages, durable metal chokes, high-quality capacitors, ProCool power fittings, Digital VRM, and six-layer PCB to provide the system with improved balance and push i5-11600K for great overclocking results.

Moreover, ASUS ROG Strix B560-F Gaming WIFI provides top-notch cooling performance as it comes with chipset heatsink, M. 2 heatsink, PWM fan headers, and VRM heatsink, and AIO pump motor headers.

In addition to this, ASUS ROG Strix B560-F Gaming WIFI has a DIY-friendly perspective so it has a pre-mounted I/O protect and UEFI THE BIOS flashback. For fast data transfer and an easy online experience, this motherboard facilitates Wi-Fi 6 and second. 5 Gbps LANGuard. And it has three Meters. 2 slots; one of which is advanced PCIe 4. 0 which is well suited for fast data transfer speed.

Lastly, ASUS ROG Strix B560-F Gaming WIFI provides pristine audio quality with the help of Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation, sound amplifiers, and DTS® Sound Unbound.

It is also reasonably priced and available for $190-$210 on most online platforms. However, some users have complained that it sometimes gets heated in certain situations. Still, all in all, ASUS ROG Strix B560-F Gaming is a great budget option for you. This is one of the Best Motherboard For i5 11600K In 2023.

MSI MAG B560 Tomahawk WIFI

MSI MAG B560 Tomahawk WIFI is one of the great motherboards for i5-11600K since it comes with all the advanced features and technologies that are required for stable and efficient performance delivery. It features the lightning-fast M. 2 Gen 4 PCIe slot which is capable of transferring 64 Gb data per second; this makes it the fastest storage solution available in the market.

Besides this, it is capable of providing adequate power supply to i5-11600K with the help of Core Boost technology, 8+4 pin connectors digital PWM, and 6 layers PCB made of 2oz thick copper. It also supports DDR4 memory to unleash optimum performance and output. In addition, MSI MAG B560 Tomahawk WIFI comes with a 2. 5G LAN and LAN manager to deliver a high Bandwidth network, fast data transfer speed, and superior online experience.

This motherboard can also dissipate the heat produced by 11th generation processors like i5-11600K as it is equipped with an extended heatsink, controllable water pump, M. 2 shield Frozr, and thermal pads, etc. This is one of the Best Motherboard For i5 11600K In 2023.

The enhanced thermal design makes sure that the processor does not overheat and keeps running at maximum speed.

MSI MAG B560 Tomahawk WIFI also supports onboard Wi-fi6 and Audio Boost solutions to provide an uninterrupted and immersive online gaming experience. Plus it has a USB 3. 2 Gen 2x2 port and Steel armor PCIe slots for protection.

You can probably buy it from Amazon online for $240-$260 quickly. But again some critics are of the lovely view that the overclocking ability of MSI MAG B560 Tomahawk WIFI is slightly underwhelming.

On the other hand, the folks who make a complaint regarding it are quite less in amounts. It is still an awesome and feature-rich motherboard for i5-11600K.

ASUS ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WIFI

The last motherboard on our list is ASUS ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WIFI. It is equipped with military-grade hardware and advanced feature to deliver the ultimate overclocking performance. The RGB headers and Aura Sync RGB lighting make ASUS ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WIFI very eye-pleasing. It is a true all-rounder as it excels at performance benchmarking tests and serves an aesthetic look too. This motherboard also comes with pre-mounted I/O and easy to use BIOS flashback.

Plus, ASUS ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WIFI powers the rig and processors with a 14+2 power stage, alloy chokes, ProCool II power connectors, and quality capacitors. Additionally, it features top-tier thermal solutions i.e.

Aluminum heatsinks, M. 2 heatsinks, VRM, and M. 2 backplate. These components work together to disperse the heat as soon as possible and keep the PC system working at optimum condition.

Furthermore, ASUS integrated AI intelligent controls like AI cooling, AI overclocking, and AI networking in ASUS ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WIFI to make it easy for users to tune in the motherboard performance.

To reduce connectivity and low latency network issues, it has Intel® WiFi 6 and 2. 5 Gb LAN with LANGuard. This is one of the Best Motherboard For i5 11600K In 2023.

Besides that, ASUS ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WIFI supports M. 2 slots, USB 3. 2 Gen 2x2 Type-C slot, HDMI slot, and DisplayPort 1. Also, it comes with some solid software programs and Audio boost too which are like additional perks. It is available on Amazon for $330-$340. However, it comes with no Thunderbolt 4 ports and that is the only downside to this motherboard.