MSI Meg Godlike is the most-featured gaming beast with awesome features and high performance. It can easily overclock Intel i9 9900K to its new limits, which gives excellent results in games of all sorts

I've selected this motherboard for you because not only does it have 18 Phase Power Design VRM that makes your PC run smoothly; also there's a lot going on behinds scenes like memory overclocking up to 128Gb or even 4400 Mhz! MSI went all out when designing their newest product - let me show how great they did by showing some statistics.

MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390 has six SATA6 slots and three M.2 ports for memory as well as Wi-Fi modules! It also features a USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port, which is perfect because I need an extra one of those to connect my newer monitor that doesn't have HDMI out yet (don't judge).

There are three additional USB 2.0 headers on the rear IO panel with more than enough room underneath them if necessary so you can hook up your mouse without blocking another connection type; plus it's got four PCIe x16 slots ready too boot - even though they're all full right now from me installing new cards just this week alone.

They really put some effort into making sure MSI products.

That’s all about this motherboard's specification and now heads toward the cons we have noticed in it. No doubt, you'll be pleased with its fantastic feature set; however at an Intel Coffee Lake processor cost - which is already pricey for most people- things start getting worse when storage performance can't keep up either way due to lack of 10GBPS Ethernet ports onboard like what other competitors offer as well!

User's Review

Frank: Being that It just arrived today, I have NOT had the chance to use it yet! Here is the risk that I have taken, it will not be installed and ready to run until July or August of 2022! By then I believe the return window will be closed, YICKS !! But this has been my dream motherboard for a good two years now. FINGERS CROSSED, hoping for a non defective MSI MEG Z490 GODLIKE motherboard out of the box! I will update this review when I have the MSI MEG Z490 GODLIKE motherboard installed and running, or in case of a bad MSI MEG Z490 GODLIKE motherboard, installed and not running!! The reason for the delay of installing the MSI MEG Z490 GODLIKE motherboard, is that I still have to buy the I9 possessor for it. I'll be back !! Wish me LUCK !!

Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme

Reviewers say that this Gigabyte flagship motherboard series gives the best power delivery for components attached to it. It is still expensive but you can get a lot cheaper than above mentioned motherboards with 16 Phase Power Design VRMs and supports Intel i9 9900k processor overclocking on mainstream processors too!

For memory, there are four RAM DIMMS which allows maximum 128GB at clock speed of 4400Mhz when clocked appropriately - not too high or low though since Xtreme has been designed keeping them in mind so as long as they're within limits then everything will run smoothly without any issues whatsoever!!

Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme is a high-end motherboard that supports multiple graphics cards and has an Ethernet port.

The manufacturer Gigabyte says this product can be used for gaming or workstation purposes with its advanced features, such as three PCIe x16 slots supporting PCI steel armor to prevent damage from heavy graphics card usage; six SATA6 ports available on the rear IO panel which are also compatible with M.2 NVMe SSDs if you want extra storage facilities in your computer system; four USB 3 Ports (one Type C).

The Aorus motherboard is a high-performance product that includes memory compatibility issues and an overclocking feature.

This can be added to the HyperX modules, but does this motherboards still offer great features for Intel i9 9900K? We have two other options in our list so you should also check them out below!

This motherboard is an E-ATX, and you will need a full tower chassis for it. For its price performance and value, this board can be used with Intel i9 9900k but there are other options available on our list depending upon your needs as well that have the same features set at lower prices too so keep scrolling down if like me; affordability matters!

User's Review

Rob Kuras: This is the motherboard that no one needs, unless you a building a custom water looped system. Its like when you build a custom hot rod for show, DO YOU NEED THOSE SPECIAL RIMS..... YES...


GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS ULTRA is the best choice if you are looking for onboard features like Wi-Fi and RGB lights. This motherboard has 12+1 Design Power VRM, which gives clean power delivery to components on your board - good news!

It also supports up to 4400 Mhz of RAM with a maximum capacity up to 64GB in dual channel mode (or 32 GiB when running single).

This motherboard has three M.2 slots for Wi-Fi and memory modules, six SATA6 slots for storage devices with a total of eight Gen3 x4 lanes all powered by a single PCIe slot that can run up to 4GBs in speed per second; Gigabyte's Steel Armor gives you protection against anything Mother Nature throws at your PC! You'll find one USB 3.1 Type C (10 Gbps) port on the rear IO panel as well as two USB 2 ports along side four regular ones-- perfect if you want both fast Data transfer rates but also compatibility across different generations.

The Z390 chipset from Intel is an excellent choice for most people who want to do more than just play games and watch videos.

This motherboard, the MSI Master Overclocker AM3+, has some features that are unique or uncommon in comparison with other motherboards but it does come at a higher price point so prospective buyers should consider whether they really need those extra benefits before investing their money into this product line.

The MSI Pro Series Intel Core i9 9900K is a high-end processor that can deliver maximum performance. With its robust design, excellent power delivery VRM and rear I/O cover built in Wi-Fi capabilities this motherboard also fits best for users who want to take their processors as far up north on the mountain of computing power as possible with just one purchase!

All you need now are some shackles - because there won't be room left down south when your new rig starts racking 'em out; not before all other competitors have got theirs tied together already

ASRock Phantom Gaming 9

ASRock Phantom Gaming 9 Motherboard: if you're looking for the best of both worlds, look no further than this motherboard.

Not only does it have a strong 12 phase power design VRM and supports maximum memory up to 64GB at clock speeds over 4266 Mhz; but also features ultra fast 10GBps Ethernet!

With eight SATA6 slots and three M.2 ports, this motherboard has all the storage you could ever need for your system! It also supports quad AMD graphics cards as well as Nvidia's latest GeForce RTX 2080Ti or Quadro P1000m with its PCI steel armor slot design to keep them fast when installed in-game.

The USB 3 ports include four Gen1 ones (USB 2.0 speed), but there are also two extra headers if needed so even more devices can be connected at super speeds too; meaning we're looking good thanks to having 10GBPS Ethernet here which outweighs WiFi by only being slightly cheaper due solely because it doesn't have any wireless capabilities - though don't worry about compatibility issues either since these types of boards will always.

If you want the best performance and quality without compromising on either then this is your motherboard.

Premium price though? That would be one issue for some people, but it's worth considering if money isn't an object because these boards are designed to last longer than anything else out there!

The only downside could very well reside in its lack of features or functionality which might make things difficult at first glance - as long as they don’t affect compatibility with other components inside a PC build (like power supply units).


ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula Z390 lineup is the best in quality and features. It's a high-quality product that also comes at an affordable price point from ASUS, which has made them number one of all time with their motherboards industry leaderships.

A quick look into some specifications will show you why this particular board shines as much it does: Digi VRM for accurate voltage regulation; High Phase Power Design to deliver current perfectly across compatible components attached via passives or capacitors (depending on what they use); The ability up 5600 Mhz+ overclockable memory without any issues whatsoever--all while maintaining stability during intense rig.

For those looking for an affordable high-end computer that has plenty of memory and storage options as well as chipsets to push them over their limits then this motherboard is perfect!

Not only does it have eight or ten cores but also three PCIe x16 slots with support up to 4400Mhz on the core clock speed. For graphics cards there are two M.2 NVMe Slot which can take advantage of speeds upwards of 500Mbps when used in conjunction with fastening SSDs in these locations; 6 SATA6 ports offer faster file transfer rates than traditional IDE drives while USB 3G Type A 2.1 Ports make connecting external devices easier than ever before.

This motherboard is packed with excellent features, but there are some things you have to know. The first thing that'll blow your mind is how costly for its price it actually can be; not surprising considering all of the high-quality components and controller used in ASUS motherboards.

Another problem we found? The bandwidth between M2 PCIe slot, SATA port 6GB/s max transfer rate (10m frontier) and x1 PCIe slots means slower performance when transferring large files or playing games at higher graphics settings than what's needed - even if they're installed onto different storage drives!

The ASROCK Fatal1ty Z170 has been an excellent choice for enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their system.

Alongside its high performance features, which come at a price-tag you might want to consider before making this purchase decision is that there are other models from ASUS too; so take some time investigating prior options and see what fits best with your needs!

Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro

Aorus Pro motherboards are quite similar to Aorus Ultra, but there is some minor difference in price and features.

Gigabyte Z390-AORUS PRO fits best for people who want something cheaper yet with the same performance as mentioned above; its aesthetics come from a black PCB sporting white touches on it along with orange RGB lighting that make up most of its design aesthetic so you can customize how your PC looks like!

This motherboard has an excellent feature set and offers superb value for its price. It got a 12+1 phase power design VRM, easily overclock the i9 9900K to new limits with ease thanks in part from its three PCIe x16 slots that support multiple AMD or Nvidia graphics cards - all at once!

There are six SATA6 slot which offer plenty of storage devices including two M.2 ones equipped with heatsinks on them along side USB 3 ports like Type A & C as well as 2 types each TF (+3 lane )and HDMI 1 .4.

The PC Convertor ensures compatibility between anything under your desk so you can game comfortably without having any issues.

The ASRock Z390M Pro4 is among the least expensive and most feature-rich motherboards in its price range, but it lacks a few key things that keep me from recommending this one.

First of all, there are other cheaper alternatives out there with better aesthetics for people who want something more than just performance or an aesthetically pleasing design; secondly--and even though I love how affordable these boards can be when compared side by side! --the lacklustre audio output isn't good enough considering how cheap they cost you per unit measurement ($).

A sound card may not seem like much at first glance...but trust me - any professional gamer worth his salt will tell ya' exactly where & why those little details matter™.

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Gene Z390

Let's see how the ASUS ROG Maximus XI Gene Z390 compares to our previous motherboard picks.

With its micro-ATX form factor, you can easily install this board into any mid sized chassis and it has 12 phase power design VRMs for reliable performance at high overclocking speeds with Coffee Lake processors or other newly released CPUs from Intel! Plus there are two RAM DIMM slots allowing up 64GBs of DDR4 memory which will be over clocked up to 4000MHz on request as well (depending).

This Micro ATX motherboard is perfect for builds that need the small form factor. It has a PCIe x16 slot and one PCIe x4, but what really sets it apart are its lack of support when building multiple graphics cards or SATA6 slots like many larger gaming motherboards offer!

This board only has four instead of six as well so keep in mind if you have big plans with your system build because there won't be enough space available on this thing to haul all those components around without rearranging other parts too much at best (which isn’t very practical).

The entry-level MSI 990FXA Gaming ATX motherboard doesn't support multiple graphics cards and has only two RAM DIMMs, which may be insufficient for an enthusiast build. There's no legacy SATA m2 port; enabling the CPU storage can drop your PCIe x16 slot into low bandwidth mode - perfect if you want to use a SSD instead of hard drive!

This motherboard is suitable for any mid-tower build, but I would not recommend it if you are looking for something sturdy. There's several choices on this list and we've got one that will suit your needs best!

ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming

ASUS Strix motherboards are best for those who want a combination of performance and aesthetics. ASUS ROG Z390-I Gaming has 12 Phase power design VRM, supports every Intel Coffee Lake processors as well as fits into ITX builds with its tiny form factor that can house two RAM DIMMs up to 64GB each (for an impressive total size of 128GB).

This motherboard also includes features such will allow you overclock your processor by 400MHz+, should the need arise!

Features-wise, this motherboard has everything a mini-ITX board offers. In terms of features for an ATX build I would not recommend it as there’s only one PCIe x16 slot and no support multiple graphics cards or any expansion card slots which means you can't add more storage space with another hard drive inside the computer if need be;

however its connectivity options include several USB 3.1 Gen1 ports (Type A & C) plus two SATA6 connectors along side M2 Socket 3 NVMe SSD bay - perfect for those looking at low cost performance in their newPC! There's also builtIn WiFI included making this model ideal when considering price point value too.

There are some cons to consider before choosing this motherboard, and they will depend on what you’re looking for.

The Aura RGB lights have compatibility issues with older motherboards too; meaning that if your build has an older chip-set or GPU (graphics processing unit), then these boards may not work well either way since the M2 slots run just right of center where there's no room left over after installing graphics cards into their respective areas.

This means front panel headers would be more convenient than rear ones like it was done in our previous example because everything can remain within reach without having extended lengths sticking out all around which could cause unwanted tangles while gaming--especially when using wireless Kill-Aways so close together!

For those looking for a small, compact form factor build with performance and aesthetically pleasing features I would recommend getting an ATX motherboard.

On the other hand if you're trying to max out your processor's power in order get as much use-value from it before upgrading or trading up then this is definitely what should be on top of your list!