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Best motherboards for 5950x and 3090

The best motherboard for a 5950x or 3090 CPU are standard X99 boards. While there are plenty of options that do not have chipset limitations, I recommend going with one of Intel’s Haswell-E X99 motherboards. There are several reasons why I chose these specific boards, however they all essentially boil down to high-quality implementations and Intel/Asus’ excellent craftsmanship.

If you are looking at an option besides Asus, you will be sacrificing either hardware quality or software/OS support - neither of which is worth it in my opinion when trying to get into overclocking. To be perfectly honest with you though, I own only ASUS board since 2023 so basically all my comparisons were made with ASUS product lineups only.


Best x570 motherboards for Ryzen 5950x

These are our top picks. If you’re building a new gaming PC, then buying your own motherboard might be something you consider. At least it should! Buying a pre-built system from companies like Alienware and Cyberpower can save you money in some cases, but there are also lots of benefits to building your own PC too. You get to choose every component, learn more about how they work, and end up with an amazing machine tailored to exactly what you want—all while saving money over time as games and components get cheaper. There’s no right or wrong answer here: it’s all down to what works for you.

Gigabyte X299 AORUS Gaming 9

What Motherboard For 5950x?

When considering buying motherboard for 5950x, you should look at these things first. First of all, you need to consider your budget. What is your price range? Are there any other components that you need to buy along with it? These are some of the questions that you have to ask yourself when buying motherboard for 5950x. You also have to consider what type of processor will be used on it.

If you plan on using an Intel processor, then obviously choose an Intel chipset. If on the other hand if you plan on using AMD processors then choose one with an AMD chipset instead. The choice between Intel and AMD is not something that I can help with as each one has its own pros and cons so it's up to you which one will suit your needs better. Another thing that I would like to mention is about RAM compatibility.

MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC

MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon

There’s no denying it: Intel’s new Broadwell-E chips are fast. While we’re still using older boards to test and review Intel’s new processors, MSI has introduced its X99A Gaming Pro Carbon board, which is designed specifically with Broadwell-E in mind. The Gaming Pro Carbon is packed with many of MSI’s signature features, including M.2 support, gaming audio, and USB 3.1 ports on both sides of the board.